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We at Yasser Electronics pride ourselves in recognising and delivering the correct CCTV solutions to fit all our customers needs.

Whether it is a basic stand alone camera and recorder combination, or a complex integrated system viewable from multiple locations worldwide, we are able to offer a bespoke system to suit.

Stand alone systems

are able to offer the flexibility of static or roaming cameras pre-programmed or client controlled.  Most systems are able to offer the options of a viewing monitor and/or PC based view and control with the ability to monitor your systems from the World Wide Web being available.

Integrated systems

allow a more complex system design specification and an ability to gather more specific information from your CCTV system.  Using the above stand alone system with a few added gizmos you can easily record, monitor, and control a variety of systems. 

Remote CCTV surveillance

ensures even the most vulnerable of sites can be protected around the clock successfully.  Our systems are able to offer the highest level of electronic intruder detection with immediate response by trained monitoring staff.  


We are expert in the remote surveillance and monitoring sector, successfully protecting and remotely controlling a variety of security equipment 24/7 365 on unmanned sites.

Remote CCTV Monitoring


CCTV systems can be remotely monitored from our specialist surveillance centre. In addition, a wide range of other security tasks can be fulfilled. For example: